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The Stericoat™ Business Recovery Program has been developed to provide assistance and guidance to key stakeholders to identify, assess and implement positive long term changes. Our support program has been developed in coordination with Healthcare professionals, Academia and Business Owners. Our innovation is built with sustainability at its core.
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“If even a single surface is compromised, a virus can infect the majority of a workplace in a matter of hours.”

American Society for Microbiology

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Sustainable changes


Businesses and Organizations are witnessing the unprecedented effects of Covid-19 changing the relationship we have with internal environments. SteriCoat™ provides sustainability-driven innovation resulting in long term protection of internal surfaces allowing businesses and organisations to build back better.

“Within two to four hours of cross contamination, viruses can be detected on 40% to 60% of workers, visitors and commonly touched objects.”

American Society for Microbiology

“As one of the leading and pioneering metal print operations in the United Kingdom, we are always investing with the future in mind. In the current climate the health and safety of our people and the performance of our business is critical. ChemX were at hand to provide us with solutions we did not know existed. We were pleased with the outcomes for our business and the team at ChemX prove that the UK is leading with innovation”

Kayson Moodley | Managing Director
Metprint Ltd

Technical report.


A Scientific Approach

We carry out a comprehensive review of your organizations interaction with internal hard surfaces, in order to establish, product selection, colour management and quantities required to facilitate proficient application.
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“By having  Stericoat™ applied to surfaces at our Surgery, we have peace of mind that our walls and internal surfaces are significantly reducing any chance of cross contamination.”


Dr W. Ahmed | GP Practitionar

Woodhouse Hill Surgery


Helping create self-sanitizing spaces