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SteriCoat™ Durable Acrylic Matt WB20


High-performance Durable Acrylic Matt is a hardwearing emulsion for interior walls and ceilings.

Specially formulated to allow scuffs and stains to be easily washed away.

With built in stain and moisture resistance, keeping walls looking cleaner for longer.

SteriCoat™ Floor Paint HF20


High-performance coating with excellent resistance to most chemicals.

Reduces wear on the floor and prevents the concrete from dusting.

The floor surface is stronger, stain resistant and more hygienic with Nano technology, providing Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial efficacy.

STERICOAT™ HD20 Anti-Viral Finish


SteriCoat™ HD20 is a next generation water-borne Anti-Viral multi surface finish. It is proven to kill 98.34% of Coronavirus and 99.99% MRSA and E. coli. Suitable for interior refurbishment.

The water-borne technology is formulated with innovative raw materials giving it excellent adhesion to many surfaces. The paint finish is durable and UV stable creating a 24 hour self sanitizing surface.

SteriCoat™ Mid-Sheen MS40


High-performance coating with an attractive, easy to apply, washable Mid Sheen.

An alternative finish to Vinyl Matt and Vinyl Silk for interior walls and ceilings.

With the additional hygienic Nano technology benefits, providing Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial efficacy.

SteriCoat™ SteriPrime SP40


SteriPrime is a high opacity matt emulsion paint, it is easy to apply with low spatter.

SteriPrime is also quick drying with good coverage, ideal for new plaster.

With the additional hygiene benefit providing Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial efficacy.

SteriCoatTM WB20 Anti-Viral Emulsion


SteriCoar WB20 is a Emulsion built to protect and last, superior performance and durability. It is as easy to apply as regular emulsion. It is proven to kill 96.91% Coronavirus, 99.93% MRSA and 99.92% E. coil. Suitable for interior wall refurbishment. This next-generation water-borne coating incorporates cutting edge technology to provide long term protection against microbes, resulting in a UV stable self sanitizing surface.