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STERICOAT™ HD20 Anti-Viral Finish


SteriCoat™ HD20 is a next generation water-borne Anti-Viral multi surface finish. It is proven to kill 98.34% of Coronavirus and 99.99% MRSA and E. coli. Suitable for interior refurbishment.

The water-borne technology is formulated with innovative raw materials giving it excellent adhesion to many surfaces. The paint finish is durable and UV stable creating a 24 hour self sanitizing surface.

SteriCoatTM WB20 Anti-Viral Emulsion


SteriCoar WB20 is a Emulsion built to protect and last, superior performance and durability. It is as easy to apply as regular emulsion. It is proven to kill 96.91% Coronavirus, 99.93% MRSA and 99.92% E. coil. Suitable for interior wall refurbishment. This next-generation water-borne coating incorporates cutting edge technology to provide long term protection against microbes, resulting in a UV stable self sanitizing surface.