Our Sustainability Policy sets out effective management of health, safety, carbon reduction, environment, quality, energy, and responsible sourcing. We believe these key markers play an important role to the sustained success of our business. We have a single Sustainability Policy, which is reviewed periodically and communicated to key stakeholders, employees, contractors, supply chain and our employees to inform and promote wider adoption of responsible practice.

Business and product innovation


We will ensure continuous business and product innovation. We:

  • Inform our customers about the functional, environmental and safety performance of our products, through safety data sheets and case studies.
  • Engage with our stakeholders and supply chain to encourage innovative development of our products, services and manufacturing systems to continually improve our sustainability performance.

Health, safety and wellbeing


We will ensure Chem X Ltd is a safe and healthy place to work. We:

  • Are committed to eliminating risk in the workplace through monitoring and implementation of best workplace practices.


  • Develop and implement action plans to ensure the health, safety and mental wellbeing of our employees.

Environmental responsibility


We are committed to fulfilling our share of the responsibility to keep the global temperature rise below 2° Celsius and we will continue to reduce our impact on air, land and water. We:

  • Have set optimistic targets to reduce emissions to air from all our operations.
  • We set targets to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions energy, reduce the use of fossil fuel through improving our processes and the use of alternative and renewable sources.
  • Use water efficiently, recycle where possible.

Resource use and the circular economy


We will conserve natural resources. We:

  • Use resources appropriately and sustainably.
  • Adopt the waste prevention, reuse of materials and recycling.
  • Develop products that improve the quality and sustainability of the built environment and seek to eliminate all non-sustainable products.

Fairness, inclusion and respect


We will be a fair, respectful and inclusive company; encouraging a culture that values openness and transparency and recognises individual achievement. We:

  • Strive for the fair treatment of all our employees and everyone in our supply chain.